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At MH, We empower Combat Sport Athletes to Train, Cut Weight, and Compete in Peak Condition Safely.

Cutting weight in combat sports is often dangerous, with athletes risking health complications through drastic measures like severe calorie restriction and excessive exercise.

The repercussions of improper weight cutting are severe, leading to decreased performance, increased injury risk, and potential long-term health issues, including disordered eating and psychological stress.

At MH, we provide safe, personalized weight management solutions. Our tailored nutrition and strength training programs allow you to reach your target weight without compromising your health or performance. Compete at your best while maintaining optimal health with our sustainable solutions.

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Level Up Your In-Ring Performance

Elevate your game with MH’s Combat Sports Program. This specialized program offers nutrition, strength training, and personalized coaching, empowering athletes to train safely, manage weight effectively, and excel in competition.

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Safe Cutting

Our program ensures safe weight cutting, prioritizing your health and performance.

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Combat-Focused Training & Nutrition

We offer combat-specific training and nutrition tailored to your unique needs.

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Injury Prevention

We focus on injury prevention, strengthening vulnerable areas for enhanced resilience.

What our combat athletes say...


I've become stronger both physically and mentally

Hi my name is Tyler Hardcastle I’ve been a professional Muay Thai fighter for 10 years I have recently joined MH performance to greater enhance my performance both in and out of the ring I also love the no ego atmosphere that is within you can be from all walks of life and be welcome at MH.

I joined MH performance because I first hand have seen and experienced how far behind everyone else I was without having a proper nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach since joining I’ve become stronger both physically and mentally. I also have a lot better relationship with food since joining.

I’ve seen many results so far mentally in every day life I’m a lot more up beat and confident physically I feel a lot stronger and can also see the benefits!! My favourite part of MH has to be the easy going no ego atmosphere that they have created you can be all experiences with training and you’ll all be treated the exact same. I highly recommend MH to anyone who is interested in a high quality strength and nutrition centre.

Tyler Hardcastle

Working with MH allowed me to confidently prepare...

I signed up to MH to aid my athletic performance in the sport of Muay Thai. This included nutritional guidance, injury rehab, S&C training and injury prevention work that allowed me to perform to the peak of my ability.

Before working with MH I came of the back of some very rough weight cuts, yo-yo dieting and some career threatening injuries related to diet and to sport related injury. Mandy was able to begin a new relationship with food and educated me on how to use food to maximise my performance in the ring. During this process she was able to strengthen previous weaknesses within my body to make me a more rounded athlete and more importantly a safe athlete.

Before working with MH I was in a very dangerous spot in my career. Manipulating your body to lose weight within relatively short periods of time can be extremely dangerous when uneducated and unprepared. Working with MH allowed me to confidently prepare for the obstacles that come with not only a high-risk sport but the unique style of nutrition that is included in my lifestyle.

Max McVicker

Our Program Includes: 

Combat Specific Nutrition 

Experience nutrition programming that’s tailored specifically for combat sports. We understand the unique dietary needs of athletes in this field and devise meal plans that fuel your body for intense training and competition.

Combat Specific Strength

Our training sessions go beyond generic workouts. We focus on exercises that enhance the specific muscle groups and endurance levels required in combat sports, helping you gain a competitive edge.

Supplementation Recommendations

Supplement your training with our expert recommendations. Whether you’re preparing for a fight or in your off-season, we guide effective supplementation to support your health and performance.

Cut Weight Safely & Effectively

Cutting weight doesn’t have to put your health and performance at risk. With our safe and effective weight loss strategies, you can reach your target weight class without compromising your well-being.

Increase Longevity

Our programs aim to help you enjoy a successful career in your chosen combat sport. We focus on sustainable training methods and injury prevention to increase your athletic longevity.

Injury Prevention

Combat sports can expose certain body parts to a higher risk of injury. We identify these areas and offer targeted training to strengthen them, significantly reducing your risk of injury.

Optional Blood Analysis

We offer optional blood analysis for those who wish to take their training to the next level. This allows us to fine-tune your program based on your individual health markers and nutritional needs, optimizing your overall performance.

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Elevate Your Fight Performance Today

Master your sport with tailored training, nutrition and injury prevention strategies.

Join the MH Performance Coaching program today and unleash your true potential!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Performance Training?

Performance training focuses on improving an athlete’s abilities in their specific sport. For combat sports athletes, this can involve a combination of strength training, conditioning, and skills work to improve power, agility, and overall athletic performance.

How Does Strength Training Benefit Combat Sports Athletes?

Strength training for combat sports athletes is crucial for enhancing power, endurance, and resilience. It aids in improving body composition, boosting anaerobic performance, and reducing the risk of injury. Different forms of strength training, such as resistance and circuit training, can be utilized based on the specific needs of the athlete.

Why is Nutrient Timing Important for Competitive Athletes?

For competitive athletes, nutrient timing plays a critical role in optimizing performance and recovery. Proper nutrient timing can support physiological adaptations, maintain lean body mass, and enhance both aerobic and anaerobic metabolism.

What Types of Training are Beneficial for Combat Sport Athletes?

Combat sport athletes benefit from a combination of strength & conditioning, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), sprint interval training, and specific combat sports techniques training. These forms of training collectively improve power, speed, endurance, and technique, leading to overall performance improvements.

How Does Body Composition Impact Performance in Combat Sports?

The body composition of combat athletes can significantly affect their performance. Maintaining an optimal ratio of lean body mass to body fat can enhance power output, speed, and agility while also ensuring safe and efficient weight loss in combat sports.

How Can Training Sessions be Optimized for Peak Performance?

To achieve peak performance, training sessions should be tailored to the athlete’s specific needs and goals. This includes a balanced mix of strength training, conditioning, skills work, and adequate recovery periods. A well-structured training plan can lead to significant performance improvements.

How Can Poor Performance be Addressed in Training?

Poor performance can often be addressed by evaluating and adjusting the training regimen. This could involve modifying the intensity or type of training, addressing nutritional deficiencies, or incorporating more rest and recovery into the schedule.

What Role Does Conditioning Play in Combat Sports?

Conditioning training is crucial for combat sports athletes. It enhances cardiovascular fitness, promotes endurance, improves recovery times, and supports the ability to sustain high-intensity performance throughout a competition.

What is Combat Sports Nutrition?

Combat sports nutrition involves a tailored diet plan that supports the unique demands of combat sports training and competition. It focuses on maintaining optimal body weight and composition, supporting recovery, and fueling performance.

How Does Training Differ Between Amateur and Elite Athletes?

Training programs for amateur and elite athletes differ primarily in volume, intensity, and specificity. Elite athletes typically undergo more intense and specialized training regimens, often incorporating advanced techniques and strategies to optimize their performance at higher levels of competition.

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