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Our newly opened gym in Wangara offers a comprehensive women’s health coaching program that includes group training, personal training, and our unique sports performance initiatives.

Unleash Your Potential: Customised Fitness at Our New Gym Wangara

Join us at our newly opened gym in Wangara, where we offer bespoke services to cater to your fitness aspirations. Take advantage of our vibrant group classes, individualised training, and distinctive sports programs crafted to help you excel in your desired sport.

Our experienced coaches are devoted to directing you on your journey towards better health and fitness. They provide expert guidance to ensure your route to enhanced wellbeing and performance is both efficient and enjoyable.

Visit our Wangara gym today to kickstart your transformation. Feel the difference that a dedicated, customised fitness approach can make. Enhance your health, elevate your performance, and become a part of a community that celebrates every achievement alongside you.

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Our proven science based, holistic training
methods create sustainable long term results

Over the past 10 years, by working with some of the worlds leading minds in health and fitness, we have created a method of coaching which helps women to overcome health issues that the conventional medical system is missing.

Women's Health Coaching

For ten years, we’ve acknowledged the difficulties women encounter when searching for answers to intricate health issues such as PCOS, IBS, Endometriosis, and Autoimmune disorders.

Working together with international health professionals, we have created the MH Health Method. This strategy has enabled hundreds of women to understand and manage these complex health conditions, taking the reins of their health and wellness!

Group Training with Mandy
Gym Wangara

Sports Performance

Our exclusive sports-focused training program at our Wangara gym methodically drives athletes to exceed their performance objectives and set new personal bests.

For the last ten years, we’ve walked hand in hand with athletes from diverse sports backgrounds, offering them personalised training techniques and unwavering support that has played a crucial role in their triumphs.

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What our clients say...

I joined MH Performance after 9-10 years of unexplained stomach issues and had been to just about every specialist with no improvement or answers. Lewis has completely changed the game for me and I’ll be forever grateful! I’ve had such positive changes – not only in terms of stomach pain but in my mindset and relationship with food. The education and support from Lewis over the last year has been above and beyond! I’ve been recommending MH Performance to anyone who will listen!
Ella Stenning
I started at MH as I was struggling with bloating after every meal and found I could never lose fat no matter how much I trained. This put me in a downwards spiral both mentally and physically. Right now I am the strongest and the leanest I have ever been since starting at MH, and not only that but I am now able to listen to my body and know what it needs! My favourite thing is seeing all the coaches, they are the most knowledgeable and the most supportive people I know! If you are willing to be the best version of yourself, I highly recommend!
Olivia Panossian

Meet Mandy

As the founder of MH Performance Coaching, my mission is driven by a deep personal connection. I am dedicated to empowering high-achieving women to overcome gut, hormonal, and metabolic dysfunction. My goal is to help these women burn fat, build muscle, and gain control over their health without navigating the complexities of the health industry alone.

My journey started with my own struggle with debilitating gut issues. I felt abandoned by the conventional medical system and was left searching for answers. This difficult experience has shaped my desire to offer the kind of service I wished was available during my time of need.

Since entering the field in 2011 and establishing MH Performance Coaching in 2014, I have seen immense success in female weight and fat loss, gut, metabolic and hormonal health, athletic performance, and behaviour change. More than that, I’ve been able to foster a community of resilient, unstoppable women.

I look forward to continuing this mission. If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you on your health journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

Mandy Hopper

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