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Lewis Greathead (BSc)

Lewis is reconstructing the world of body composition by dissolving old-school training and nutrition methods allowing his clients to eat more and train less to completely transform their bodies whilst finding the path back to optimal health and function.
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Qualification - 15
Qualification - 5

Lewis Greathead (BSc)

Most coaches focus on dropping calories dangerously low and ramping up training volume to achieve drastic body composition changes leaving their clients in a state of chronic gut, hormonal, and metabolic issues, and exacerbating binge eating and a poor relationship with food.

Whereas Lewis takes a science-based approach incorporating nutritional and training periodization and specific methods to skyrocket his client’s health and confidence. As a teenager, Lewis was overweight, sedentary, and unhealthy. He started boxing to lose weight, improve his mental health, and get fit. He became infatuated with health, nutrition, and training leading him to completely transform his body, and now do the same for others.


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Bachelor Of Sport And Exercise Science

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Accredited Sports Nutritionist

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Functional Health And Nutrition Practitioner

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Strength And Conditioning Coach

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Certificate IV In Personal Training

What our clients say...


MH is all about a holistic approach to health and I have learned so much about food and nutrition

I first started at MH Performance by joining the 8 week Bootcamp and it turned out to be one of the bestdecisions I have made.

The Bootcamp is a great introduction to strength training and also learning about food and nutrition. It really helped me step outside of my comfort zone in the gym.
After a few Bootcamps I am now training 1:1 with Coach Lewis and I feel like I am thriving physically and mentally.
Lewis has helped me push boundaries and achieve goals I never thought I could have.

Mandy and the entire team at MH is so supportive and truly care about their clients both inside and outside the gym. I actually love going to train instead of dreading it like I used to.

MH is all about a holistic approach to health and I have learned so much about food and nutrition and what is best for my body sustainably
and not just a quick fix.


I knew I could trust MH with the training/nutrition, but I didn't expect to receive such a supportive and understanding coach

I do online coaching with Lewis.

Before MH I was struggling with bulimia, poor digestion and wasn’t progressing in the gym. I almost didn’t join beacuse I was scared to give up control over what I was eating and was embarrased of my food issues. I knew I could trust MH with the training/nutrition, but I didn’t expect to receive such a supportive and understanding coach. Lewis has remained positive and encouraging through my many setbacks and helped me get to 6 binge/purge free weeks.

I’m the stongest I’ve ever been both physically and mentally. My mindset around food has improved more than I thought possible and this has had the biggest impact on my life. 

I’m beyond grateful to be working with Lewis and would recommend MH to everyone

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