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Addressing The Unique Needs Of Female Athletes

In sports, female athletes often train with programs tailored for men. This lack of specificity limits their performance and exposes them to a higher risk of injury.

The rise in women’s AFL and NRL has made it clear – standard training methods often fail to consider the unique physiological needs of female athletes, leading to increased injury rates and hindered performance.

Elite Performance Coaching is here to change this. We offer specialised strength and conditioning programs for female athletes, helping them improve their performance and become injury resilient. Our gym in Perth is ready to support athletes at all levels in reaching their full athletic potential.

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Unleashing Potential with MHP's Female Athlete Development Program

MH Performance’s Female Athlete Development Program is a game-changer in the world of sports. Tailored to the unique needs of female athletes, our program aims to enhance performance, foster resilience, and reduce injury risks. We provide an all-encompassing approach that focuses on physical training and mental preparedness, ensuring that our athletes are ready to excel on all fronts.
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Performance Enhancement

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Injury Prevention

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Mental Preparedness

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What our athletes say about MH Performance...


I look and feel amazing

I have seen a huge amount of improvement in my strength and ability as an athlete from my sessions with Naomi. I look and feel amazing.

There is always a friendly atmosphere in the gym and everyone feels like family. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

All the coaches are very knowledgeable.
Definitely recommend- Get ready to work hard and reap the rewards!!

Kathryn Fuller

Cannot recommend them enough

I’ve been training at MHP for a few years and have learnt so much. Each coach has taught me something different and helped me develop as an athlete and as a person regarding nutrition, weight and self-empowerment. Most motivating and friendly gym environment. I cannot recommend them enough!

Julia Vrlic

Unleashing Athletic Excellence: The Game-Changing Features of MH's Female Athlete Development Program

MH is a trailblazer specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of female athletes. We are setting new benchmarks in performance optimisation and sustainable athletic development by integrating targeted training, mental health support, and nutritional guidance.

Individualised Training

Our program recognizes that no two athletes are the same. We provide individualised strength training plans that consider each athlete’s strengths and areas for improvement, aiming to enhance performance while minimising injury risk.

Mental Health Support

Understanding the significant impact of mental health on athletic performance, our program includes strategies for managing stressors and fostering resilience. We believe mental well-being is as important as physical strength in achieving athletic success.

Nutritional Guidance

Proper nutrition plays a critical role in an athlete’s performance and recovery. Our program provides female athletes with tailored nutritional advice, ensuring they have the energy and nutrients necessary to excel in their sport.

Long-term Athletic Development

We adopt a long-term perspective on athletic development, focusing on immediate performance and the athlete’s future growth and sustainability in their sport. Our program aims to cultivate lifelong athleticism, health, and fitness.

Female Focused

MH addresses issues relevant to females, such as menstrual cycle issues e.g. Triad Syndrome. We provide education and support to help female athletes navigate these unique challenges and maintain optimal health and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes MHP's athletic training unique?

MHP’s athletic training stands out due to its comprehensive and individualised approach. We focus not only on athletic performance but also on the overall well-being of our athletes.

What are the core components of MHP's athletic training?

At MHP, we emphasise six domains in our training: prevention, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, immediate care, treatment, rehabilitation, and reconditioning. These form the backbone of our organisation and administration.

What training methods does MHP employ for optimal results?

MHP combines training methods, including Circuit Training, for full-body conditioning. This approach boosts metabolism and ensures efficient results for our athletes.

How does MHP's program cater to female athletes?

MHP’s program is tailored to the unique needs of female athletes. We consider gender-specific factors such as menstrual cycles, the risk of knee injuries, and specific nutritional needs for optimal performance and injury prevention.

Why is nutrition integral to MHP's training program?

At MHP, proper nutrition is crucial for maintaining energy balance, supporting training loads, aiding muscle recovery, and promoting a healthy body composition. Our athletes receive personalised nutritional guidance for their specific needs.

What benefits does strength training offer in MHP's program?

Strength training, including weight and resistance training, is a cornerstone of MHP’s program. It promotes muscle growth and strength, reduces injury risks, and enhances overall athletic performance.

What is the role of sports nutrition in MHP's program?

Sports nutrition is a vital component of MHP’s program. Our dedicated team provides personalised nutritional guidance to our athletes, considering their unique needs during different training phases and energy levels. This approach ensures our endurance and collegiate athletes maintain optimal energy balance and achieve peak performance.

What is the Female Athlete Triad, and how does MHP address it?

The Female Athlete Triad refers to low energy availability, menstrual dysfunction, and changes in body weight. At MHP, we provide education and support to help our female athletes navigate these challenges, ensuring optimal health and performance.

What are MHP's nutritional recommendations for female athletes?

MHP recommends energy-dense and nutrient-rich foods for our female athletes. Foods like sweet potatoes and bell peppers are often suggested as part of their diet plan.

How does MHP ensure the safety and development of young athletes in school programs?

MHP pays special attention to school girls and young athletes’ unique needs. We ensure their safe and effective athletic development by considering their growth phases, preventing overuse injuries, and providing proper conditioning.

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