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Elevate Your Game with Expert Sports Performance Coaching

In the competitive world of sports, athletes frequently encounter challenges that hinder their ability to perform optimally. These range from ineffective training methods to mental roadblocks, leaving them frustrated and unable to reach their full potential.

These issues can lead to a decline in confidence and motivation, and in some cases, even physical injury due to improper training techniques. This cycle of subpar performance emphasises the need for expert guidance to break free and achieve athletic excellence.

This is where MH’s sports performance coaching steps in. We provide personalised training plans and indispensable advice, combining psychology, physiology, and sports science to optimise performance. With sports performance coaching, athletes can unlock their potential and excel in their chosen sport.

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Experience the MH Sports Performance Coaching Advantage

At MH, we empower athletes to reach their peak performance. Our unique approach combines personalised training, nutrition advice, and mental conditioning to help you overcome challenges and achieve your athletic goals. With over 20 years of experience, our team of expert coaches is committed to helping you unlock your potential and excel in your sport.

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Personalised Training

Tailored programs to meet your individual needs.

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Nutrition Guidance

Customised advice for optimal health and performance.

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Mental Conditioning

Techniques to boost confidence and motivation.

Our Sports Specific Services Include

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Enhance speed and endurance with tailored AFL fitness training.

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Athlete Assessments

Unlock potential with comprehensive athletic assessments.

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Combat Sports

Master strength, strategy, and discipline in combat sports.

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Female Athlete Development

Empowerment through tailored training and growth guidance.

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Boost your agility and power with focused netball fitness.

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School/Club Seminars

Supporting female development through education.

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Sports Nutrition

Fuel your performance with expert nutrition advice.

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Team Strength & Conditioning

Forge an unbeatable team with optimal fitness.

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Youth Athlete devleopment

Nurturing young talent for future sports excellence.


What our clients say

Highly Recommend
The high level of detail and skill, that goes into every session is amazing. The girls are coached in sessions, and are educated on sports-specific training techniques, injury prevention and are given key nutritional information. There has been a noticeable and sizable improvement not only to my daughters skill level in netball but to her overall cardio fitness and health. Highly recommend.
Simone Wenman
Forever Grateful
Incredibly knowledgeable staff in a supportive, nurturing and motivating environment. I came to MP Performance as a competitive athlete (Muaythai) after a shoulder reconstruction. Sarah, my PT has helped me gain full confidence in my shoulder, I never stress about it and even show off my regained mobility and strength. We are now currently rehabbing a recent ACL reconstruction (also from Muaythai) where I feel I am in the safest of hands. Sarah and the team at MH Performance have gone beyond just fitness training through this process. Sarah and MH Performance has been a core support system emotionally and physically in this rehab journey for me. Forever grateful 🙂
Carissa shepherd

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FAQs About MH's Sports Performance Coaching

What is MH's approach to Athletic Performance Training?

At MH, our approach to Athletic Performance Training is centred around helping athletes reach their peak performance goals. We focus on developing a comprehensive plan to enhance fitness levels, emphasising strength, agility, endurance, and injury prevention.

How does MH perceive the impact of training on athletic performance?

We at MH believe that training allows athletes to incrementally build strength and endurance, hone their skills, and cultivate motivation, ambition, and self-confidence. It also allows them to gain a deeper understanding of their sport and the importance of a healthy mind and body.

Why is Sports Performance Training important to MH?

We consider Sports Performance Training essential as it fosters social development among peers, which positively impacts athletes both on and off the field. It aids in developing overall athleticism, including speed, strength, conditioning, and mental toughness.
At MH, we focus on four major dimensions of sports performance: skill, strength, endurance, and recovery. High performance in any sport requires a unique blend of these dimensions, although the balance can vary widely between different sports.

How does MH see Sports Performance Coaching contributing to athlete development?

Our Sports Performance Coaches at MH use their practical experience and industry knowledge to create tailored training programs focusing on the athlete’s strengths and goals. This coaching experience cultivates confidence, enhances communication skills, and encourages mental and physical growth in athletes.

What certifications do we at MH consider necessary for a Sports Performance Coach?

While certifications may differ by region and sport, we at MH believe they often include a degree in exercise science or a related field and specific coaching certifications from professional bodies like the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association or the National Sports Performance Association.

How does MH benefit athletes through a holistic approach to training?

We at MH believe in a holistic approach to training that considers all aspects of an athlete’s performance, including physical training, mental training, nutrition, and recovery. This comprehensive view helps athletes achieve peak performance, manage mental hurdles, and prevent injuries.

How is goal setting used in MH's Sports Performance Coaching?

Goal setting is an integral part of sports performance coaching at MH. Our coaches work with athletes to set achievable yet challenging, individual and team goals. These goals provide a clear focus and direction for training, contributing to motivation and the development of mental strength.

What role does mental training play in MH's athletic performance training?

We at MH consider mental training a key aspect of athletic performance. It helps athletes develop mental toughness, focus, and resilience and includes techniques such as mindfulness training, mental imagery, and cognitive behavioural strategies.

How does MH incorporate injury prevention into athletic performance training?

Injury prevention is a critical part of athletic performance training at MH. To reduce injury risk we teach proper form and technique, incorporate strength and flexibility exercises to support joint health and reduce pain, and educate athletes on the importance of rest and recovery.

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