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Insufficient Strength & Conditioning Limits Team Performance

A team’s strength and conditioning can make or break their success in sports. Teams may encounter physical imbalance and insufficient strength without proper training, resulting in underperformance and potential injuries.

The absence of a robust training program affects individual players and the entire team dynamic. It can lead to inconsistent performance and disrupt team synergy.

The MH Team/Club Strength and Conditioning Program offers a comprehensive solution. Our tailored regimen improves physical strength and balance, fostering better teamwork. By adopting our program, teams can boost performance, enhance team cohesion, and secure a winning edge.

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How MH Can Support Your Team

The MH S&C Program is designed to boost team performance through a comprehensive strength and conditioning regimen. It addresses physical imbalances, enhances mobility, and fosters mental health benefits, all essential for maintaining high performance in competitive sports.

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Improved Performance

An optimized strength program enhances overall athletic performance.

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Injury Prevention

Balanced conditioning reduces the risk of sports-related injuries.

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Enhanced Teamwork

Regular team training fosters unity and improves coordination.

What our coaches and athletes say about us...


My name is Karly Guadagnin and I am the former Head Coach of the WA Netball League Club – West Coast Warriors.

Mandy and I first chatted in 2014 as I wanted to introduce some S&C training to our pre-season program to help develop our athletes. Mandy’s qualifications spoke for themselves but the most impressive aspects to Mandy over the last few years has been her enthusiasm and passion to develop fitter and stronger athletes. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable and is very approachable for everyone within our club and region. Mandy puts a lot of time and effort into monitoring our athletes weekly wellbeing through her load management tool which our girls fill in and send to her. As coaches this has been vital to our success over the last few years as we can track all our athletes well being during the week and be aware and monitor those that are sick and at injury risk which is a great asset for us.

As part of our pre season program Mandy screen tests all our athletes at the beginning and end of pre season. After the 1st screening tests she then builds specific and individualised programs for certain groups of athletes within our squads and supervises their weights sessions weekly. At the end of the program she tests them again to see improvement and nearly every year we see massive improvements with all athletes.

Having Mandy as our S&C coordinator is crucial to our success as a club. All of our athletes benefit dramatically from having her and her programs assisting their development.

Karly Guadagnin

I joined the 10-week netball program to try something new and it was a game changer.

I was introduced to MH Performance through my netball club in the beginning of 2020. At this point in time, I was struggling with painful shin splints and just wanted to become stronger, but I just really had no idea how. So, I joined the 10-week netball program to try something new and it was a game changer. I became aware of a whole new insight to sport, injury prevention and even female health which has really helped me. After doing the initial 10-week program I began to see and feel little changes in my body and performance on court, which made me more confident in myself, and I knew I wanted to do it again when the opportunity came around early this year. I have continued the 10-week program twice this year and I have always felt so much stronger and happier after, that I decided I wanted to try the one-on-one coaching for 12 weeks to further enhance my development. Since then, I have said goodbye to my shin splints, increased my vertical jump by 6cm and I personally feel stronger and faster on the netball court. MH Performance has been a great experience from the atmosphere to the very intelligent coaches, and not to mention Tammy who provides amazing and easy service in the back end! I can easily say my favourite thing about MHP is the close-knit community you become a part of and being able to easily reach out to anyone for help when it’s needed. I would proudly recommend MH Performance to anyone who wants to start a new journey in fitness and health, especially if you are looking to learn all new things whilst becoming a stronger and better version of you.
Ally Sutton

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