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Naomi Price (BSc)

Naomi is on a mission to help high-achieving women align their mindset and breakthrough patterns of self-sabotage, internal conflict, and limiting beliefs to break through health dysfunction and achieve optimal body composition.
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Qualification - 17
Qualification - 16

Naomi Price (BSc)

This skill-set coupled with her compassionate and empathetic approach to coaching, ability to take initiative and go above and beyond, and her passion for helping others is why she is the head coach at MH Performance.

With over 10 years of industry experience, she has a unique ability to work with the mind to help clients escape their limiting beliefs or negative thoughts to shift and break paradigms, allowing clients to transcend their minds and bodies to new levels.


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Bachelor Of Sport And Exercise Science, And Rehabilitation

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Accredited Sport Scientist

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Strength And Conditioning Coach

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Neurolinguistics Programming And Time Line Therapy Practitioner

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Functional Health And Nutrition Practitioner

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Former Semi-Professional Basketball Athlete

What our clients say...


MH has helped me immensely

Hey Naomi!

Thanks for reaching out honestly and truly, I couldn’t give you or Lewis more positive feedback if I tried. You are a amazing coach. You’re inspiring, honest and genuine. You relate us all in such a human way by bringing in your own experiences, memories and struggles which in turn allows us to be comfortable and true to ourselves. MH has helped me immensely; I’m no longer scared to eat bread or rice (haha silly i know, but true!) and I’ve gained an understanding on just how heavy I can lift. I did a back squat on Sunday with no back pain, and no pain in my left knee, which was huge for me.

This camp hasn’t just helped me with food guilt and with my physical training, but you have helped me with tackling some personal demons and admitting to myself what I need to work on. I use mantras everyday and qrite my goals down. I’m more accountable.

So thank you!! You’re incredible, as are the whole MH Team.


I think the whole crew at MHP are incredible and the difference this place has made on me is incredible, I couldn't not recommend MHP or the bootcamp more highly!

Oh my god well, this camp has done wonders for me and especially having you as a coach! Your energy within the sessions deffs made the Tuesdays and Thursday nights my favourites! Even though you were coaching a class you still made it personal enough that it felt like 1 on 1. The encouragement and feedback you gave was amazing, I honestly wouldn’t have one bad thing the point out about your coaching. I came into this camp because I had insane gym anxiety and that was really getting me down and I hadn’t been in moths and I feel like the camp had definitely given me confidence to get back into the gym and helped me correct my form with a few movements!I think the whole crew at MHP are incredible and the difference this place has made on me is incredible, I couldn’t not recommend MHP or the bootcamp more highly! I would 100% be signing up for the next camp if i had the funds to afford it but i hope to come back and do a camp here and there when I can because it was bloody amazing!

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