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Talia Basso Brusa (BSC)

“I quickly realised how beneficial S&C is and the importance of quality training. I was stronger, faster and was getting injured less in sport. I became fascinated with the science of Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition after how amazing I felt just after a few months of training”
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Talia Basso Brusa

Meet Talia Basso Brusa, the powerhouse who discovered the incredible benefits of Strength and Conditioning (S&C) in 2018, propelling her from a former gymnast to a competitive Muay Thai fighter. Recognising the transformative power of quality training, Talia quickly became stronger, faster, and experienced fewer sports injuries. This realisation ignited her fascination with the science of Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition, driven by the amazing changes she felt after just a few months of dedicated training.

Talia’s story is one of personal transformation. From a former gymnast to a Muay Thai fighter, she intimately understands the journey of reinventing oneself through dedicated training. Her experience fuels her passion to guide others on their transformative paths.
Her experience specialised programs with netball athletes and teams, formally leading the strength program for an U18s WAFL team, working with combat athletes to help them train, compete and cut-weight safely, and her passion for ongoing education and learning, she leaves no stone unturned in her quest to guide her athletes and clients to optimal health and performance.

Talia’s confident, transformative, and scientifically backed approach positions her as a motivator for athletes and anyone seeking a coach who not only understands their journey but also leads them towards unparalleled success.


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Bachelors Of Exercise And Sport Science (Major In Nutrition)

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Masters Of Applied Sport Science (High Performance Athletes)

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The Carter Institute: 12-Month Functional Health And Nutrition Course

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One-Day Weightlifting Course – Revs Barbell Club

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6-Month Internship At Flow Performance

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6-Month Internship At MP Performance

What our clients say...


After years of suffering from bloating, fatigue and hair loss I finally met Mandy, Lewis and the team at MH

Five weeks into my program and I am already seeing huge changes. All of the education on my blood work, supplements and nutrition has allowed me to make practical and sustainable changes to my health and lifestyle. My program is so practical and the team at MH are an absolute wealth of knowledge. If I’m already feeling the best I’ve felt, I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring. I cannot recommend MH and my coach Lewis enough! To anyone thinking about joining MH – it’s the best possible investment you can make!

Taylor Thompson


I cannot comment highly enough on the knowledge and care of the team at MPH

They are the first professionals that I’ve seen who look at the whole picture and provide such a comprehensive treatment plan that considers all aspects of health. After years of trying to manage health conditions, I’ve been able to come off my medications and exercise again. Through the program and guidance I have been encouraged, supported, and I feel confident and have gained so much knowledge along the way. I would highly recommend!

Maddy Griffiths

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