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A Holistic Approach to Netball Performance

As a netballer, peak performance involves biomechanical factors, mental resilience, and technical skills. However, many players struggle to integrate these elements, affecting team success.

Inadequate training impacts individual performance and increases injury risks. Players may not reach their full potential without understanding the sport’s unique demands.

This is why MH takes a player-centred approach to netball training. This includes tailored fitness regimes, strategies to improve movement, and incorporating mental training. This approach empowers players to excel in netball.

MH's netball fitness training Empowers You to...

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Maximise Court Time

Our Netball Academy Program ensures maximum playtime, minimizing pain and injury.

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Minimise Medical Visits

We aim to reduce injuries, saving time, money, and stress.

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Unleash True Potential

We help players excel, fostering fun and surpassing their potential.

What our athletes (and their coaches) say about us...


The atmosphere in the gym is really fun and encouraging

I’m so glad I did another term at MH Performance this year and have really enjoyed attending my weekly classes with my friends from my Venetians netball team. I was keen to do another program after doing some earlier in the year and seeing if I could improve my fitness and some netball specific movements even further. As a result of the program, I can feel in myself that I have gained more leg strength, jump height and reaction speed which have all helped me have one of my best seasons playing netball.

The atmosphere in the gym is really fun and encouraging, not just for me, but for all the girls in my class, and I am really grateful to my instructor Sarah for all her advice and assistance over the course of the term. Big thanks also to Venetians who again.

Jess Ferraloro

I love MHP and would recommend it to anyone who has goals similar to mine

I signed up for Mandy Hopper because I wanted to be able to improve my netball skills and become fitter. When I’m playing netball, I have been noticing that I am able to jump much higher than I could before. I am very happy that my fitness has improved, this has helped me in many ways during netball and outside of netball. I feel like the warmup and all of the exercises we do help us to improve so much. The coach’s there are amazing and are some of the nicest I have met. MHP is amazing, when I had injured my finger and my wrist, they took that into account and modified my program so that I could still participate and be pushed to my fullest without injuring myself further. I love MHP and would recommend it to anyone who has goals similar to mine or others.
Sabrina Ferraloro

MH Netball Training Programs: Enhancing Skills, Building Confidence, and Promoting Fitness

MH Netball Training Programs are designed to provide comprehensive training for young netball players. Our programs focus on holistic development, equipping athletes with the skills they need to excel on the court, promoting physical fitness, and instilling confidence and team spirit.

Tailored Strength and Conditioning Sessions

Our weekly strength and conditioning sessions are strategically scheduled to maximise athlete development and recovery. These sessions, limited to 10-12 athletes, offer one-on-one attention, ensuring each player receives personalised guidance. The program is designed to complement netball training without overloading the athlete.

Flexible Scheduling

Understanding that our athletes have varied schedules due to school and other sporting commitments, we offer flexible scheduling options. We aim to make it as convenient for athletes to participate in our training programs without compromising their other responsibilities.

Age-Appropriate Training

We believe in age-appropriate training and have tailored our program to best suit athletes aged 12-18. However, after a consultation, we also welcome younger athletes aged 10 and 11. This ensures that each training session is appropriate for the athlete’s age and skill level.

Injury Prevention

Our program’s primary aim is to prevent overtraining and injury. We closely monitor each athlete’s progress, making necessary adjustments to the program if any issues arise. This way, we promote safety in our training sessions.

Performance Enhancement

In addition to preventing injuries, our program is designed to help athletes perform at their best. Focusing on strength, agility, and overall game skills enables athletes to elevate their game and outperform their competitors.

Consultation Services

We offer consultation services to ensure our program is the right fit for your child. These can be booked online or in person, allowing us to discuss the program’s feasibility and address any concerns or questions you may have.

Unleash Your Potential with MH Netball Training Program

Transform your game with our specialised strength and conditioning sessions. Designed for young athletes, this program enhances your skills, boosts your fitness, and reduces your risk of injury.

Ready to take your game to the next level? Sign up for a consultation today and let’s shape your netball journey together!


Frequently Asked Questions

When do the strength and conditioning sessions take place?

Our strength and conditioning sessions are scheduled on Monday and Wednesday mornings and Monday through Thursday afternoons and evenings. We maintain a small group size of 10-12 athletes per session to ensure personalised attention. Please book early, as slots fill up quickly!

Can the program be integrated with my existing netball sessions?

Absolutely! The feasibility of fitting our program into your existing netball training sessions will depend on your club’s schedule and other sporting commitments. We offer multiple time slots over four days, making it easy to accommodate these sessions.

What is the appropriate age group for this program?

Our Netball Academy is ideally suited for netball players aged 12-18. However, after a consultation, we also welcome younger athletes aged 10 and 11 to discuss their specific needs and determine program suitability.

Will this program overload my child?

No, our strength sessions are designed to support, not overload, your child. We closely monitor each athlete and adjust the session to prevent overtraining and ensure optimal performance.

How can I book a consultation or register online?

You can either book a consultation if you’re unsure about the program’s suitability or directly reserve a slot online once you’ve registered your interest.

Will this program help improve speed and agility?

Yes, our program’s strength and conditioning exercises are designed to enhance speed, agility, and movement patterns, which are critical aspects of a netball game.

How does the program help reduce the risk of injury?

The program includes targeted conditioning exercises that strengthen muscles, especially around the knees and ankles, reducing the risk of common netball injuries.

Can this program improve my child's overall netball skills?

Certainly! Our training sessions incorporate various netball drills to improve fundamental and advanced netball skills, making your child a more effective netball player.

Does the program include aerobic and anaerobic conditioning?

Our program includes aerobic and anaerobic conditioning exercises to boost your child’s fitness levels and prepare them for the intense efforts required during a netball match.

What if I miss a session?

Please let us know ahead of time if you will miss a session. We’ll do our best to accommodate you in another session.

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