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Youth-Specific Training Designed To Address The Challenges Of Developing Bodies

As young athletes develop, they face many challenges. One is the lack of specialised training programs tailored to their unique needs. Generic routines fail to address their specific requirements, limiting growth and frustrating them.

The pressure to succeed often weighs heavily on young athletes, increasing stress and burnout. This can also be heightened by intense competition, high expectations, and balancing academics and sports create immense pressure. The lack of guidance exacerbates these challenges, often leaving athletes feeling lost and uncertain.

MH’s personalised training programs help athletes overcome hurdles. Specialised coaching and mental health support are crucial for optimal growth. Creating a nurturing environment and providing resources ensures long-term success. With the right support, young athletes can conquer challenges, develop, and achieve their dreams in the world of sports.

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The Power Of Our Youth Athlete Development Specific Training Programs

At MHS, we believe in unlocking the potential of young athletes and guiding them towards success. Our Youth Athlete Development Program provides a comprehensive approach that addresses their unique needs, helping them overcome challenges and reach new heights in their athletic journey.
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Enhanced Performance

Our program focuses on optimising physical, technical, and tactical skills to enhance performance on the field.

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Personalised Training Plans

We provide personalised training plans tailored to each athlete's strengths and weaknesses, maximising their development.

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Mental Resilience

With access to sports psychologists, our program supports athletes in building mental resilience and coping with the pressures of competition.

What our youth athletes say about our programs


I can jump higher, run faster and throw with more power

I signed up for the netball strength program to improve my sprinting speed and jumping height (both very important parts of being a defender!!)

After just two terms of doing the program, I can tell that I can jump higher, run faster and throw with more power, all of which have improved my overall gameplay!

I love the fun and friendly atmosphere at the gym! And the new gym is amazing!! Thank you so much, xxx

Annke Schmidt, Netballer

The Results Are Amazing

I signed up for the netball strength program because, after an ankle injury last season, I really wanted to strengthen not only my ankles but my entire body

I have been doing the program for about half a year now, and the results are amazing! I feel so much stronger

My favourite thing about the program is having a home away from home; everyone is so kind and encouraging. It’s great to train with people who push you to be a better athlete and person.

Leuk Nelson, Netballer

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