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Reform Your Body, Mind & Health With Our Female Only Small Group Training

Get strong, fit and lean with a group of high-value women in a motivating, safe and comfortable environment
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Challenges for Women in Pursuing Ideal Physique Amid Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Myths.

What Makes The MH Reform Program Different?

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Our Incredibly Supportive Community

We are a community of strong women who challenge, drive and motivate each other to achieve our goals.

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Periodised Strength Training Program

We run our training differently. We have a proper warm up to ensure you are ready for the session.

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We Educate You

We don’t just train you, we educate you. Our program eliminates the confusion around dieting and training to help you get long term and lasting results!

A Little Bit Of Love From Our Members


Hi Mandy, I cannot thank you, Naomi and Lewis enough for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the bootcamp!

Hi Mandy, I cannot thank you, Naomi and Lewis enough for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the bootcamp! I didn’t think that I was going to see the results that I wanted, but seeing the comparison with these photos are AMAZING! My gut is definitely feel way better and I feel so much stronger! I can’t wait to continue my journey starting next week with Naomi at MH!

they definitely know their stuff, are always learning more and are so friendly and welcoming.

Joining MH has been nothing short of life changing for me. I started with group strength and conditioning sessions through my netball club, then joined as a nutrition client with Naomi and have since moved on to 1 on 1 coaching with Sarah. I cannot recommend the team at MH enough – they definitely know their stuff, are always learning more and are so friendly and welcoming. Best of all, it is amazing to have a plan that is individually tailored to me, instead of the usual cookie cutter treatment.

MJ Kent

MH Reform Includes

Flexible Training Times

Train up to 4 Timex per week at MH HQ with both morning and evening sessions available

MH Fast Start Pack

Our fast start pack includes our welcome book, cheat sheets and recipe book to guide you through the program and ensure that you start well

Personal Meal Plans

We create an individualized meal plan based on your customized macros, food preferences and any allergies/intolerances you may have

Accountability Check Ins

Every 5 weeks we complete an email check in to assess your progress, manage you macros and provide immediate actionable feedback to allow continual results

Personal Performance App

Accountability is key. The Performance App helps you to keep track of your progress. Celebrate your wins and Correct your losses. In app you can track your weights, performance and nutrition. Our nutrition app also allows for tracking your food, body weight, measurements, photos and steps

MH Education Portal

We provide access to our training portal of over 100 education videos on nutrition, training, gut health, mindset and lifestyle

Our program challenges your preconceptions about nutrition and training, empowering you to control your health, fitness, mind, and body!

What you can expect from the MH Reform Program

“I’ve built our Reform Program on over 10 years of experience helping women transform their bodies.

It has been designed specifically to shape and tone the female body without cardio, cutting carbs or reducing calories to dangerously low levels! “

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Just Some Of The Lives We've Transformed...

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“My relationship with food has never been better and I am eating more food than ever. I’m feeling strong, fit, healthy and happy”

– Beth, one of our incredible members!

Who is running the Small group training program?

Founded in 2014, MH has grown to be a specialist in the area of women’s health. Specialising in female weight loss, body transformation, gut and hormonal health, athletic performance, and behavioral change.

Our holistic “health first” approach can be surmised that if your body is healthy then it will be easier to lose weigh, get toned and build muscle, this enables our clients have more energy, sleep well, improve digestion, reduce PMS, improve mental health and achieve sustainable health

Since 2014, this approach has helped HUNDREDS of women step into their best selves and overcome a multitude of issues that the medical system could not, and with the success of training methods our client list has grown to include some of Australia’s top Social Media Influencers, WA’s top netball and combat sports athletes, and women with a long list of health issues who feel let down by the health and medical system.

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