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I have trained with Naomi for almost 5 years now. Naomi has taught me so much about nutrition and my body. I have been smashing goals that I would never of thought to be possible. I look forward to go in and train every week and always come out of a session feeling better. Thanks to Naomi my mindset around health and fitness has completely changed. Not only has Naomi changed my life, the team at MH are so full of knowledge and care so much about their clients. Being able to train at such a welcoming and friendly gym community has had such a positive outcome on myself and many other members. I cannot recommend Naomi & MH enough!
Zoe Metcalfe
After years of suffering from bloating, fatigue and hair loss I finally met Mandy, Lewis and the team at MH. Five weeks into my program and I am already seeing huge changes. All of the education on my blood work, supplements and nutrition has allowed me to make practical and sustainable changes to my health and lifestyle. My program is so practical and the team at MH are an absolute wealth of knowledge. If I’m already feeling the best I’ve felt, I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring. I cannot recommend MH and my coach Lewis enough! To anyone thinking about joining MH - it’s the best possible investment you can make!
Taylor Thompson
I cannot comment highly enough on the knowledge and care of the team at MPH. They are the first professionals that I’ve seen who look at the whole picture and provide such a comprehensive treatment plan that considers all aspects of health. After years of trying to manage health conditions, I’ve been able to come off my medications and exercise again. Through the program and guidance I have been encouraged, supported, and I feel confident and have gained so much knowledge along the way. I would highly recommend!
Maddy Griffiths
Everyone at MHP are so welcoming and friendly. I train with Sarah and she has been so helpful and supportive. The trainers don’t just help with nutrition, workouts and learning about your body but they really try connect on a personal level which makes the gym experience a lot more comfortable to be around. It has been a huge impact on my confidence, mindset and overall fitness as they have so much knowledge to offer.
Demi Czynski
I have been training with MHP for over a year now, and am currently part of the Reform Program and I absolutely love it! All of the coaches are so supportive & make you feel so comfortable in the gym, and I have achieved so many things I never thought I would be able to do. Their holistic approach is amazing, offering nutrition, blood analysis, and mindset workshops all which have been so beneficial for me! Love it here and highly recommend!
Celeste Colgan
I have been working with Mandy for 4.5 months now on the Premium Coaching + Training package. In this short time, I have gone from barely functioning and utter exhaustion to living life again! Mandys thorough assessment of my blood work was amazing. Her wholistic approach to coaching is incredible and she has shed light and wisdom on so many symptoms I had that I thought I was stuck with. The training sessions are perfectly tailored for me as a mum training at home. Lastly, the support, knowledge sharing and communication is top notch!
Tiffany C
Training with owner Mandy at MH Performance has changed my life. I began nutrition coaching with Mandy after years of yo-yo dieting and having an unhealthy relationship with food. She has taught me so much about my own body and I have a different mindset and perspective on ‘dieting’ and exercise. Not only has my physique changed, I now have increased energy, eating more food than I ever and feel comfortable in my own skin without having extreme restrictions. The team sessions are fun, challenging and have the best beats. I cannot recommend MH Performance enough and the whole team!
Bianca Koranis
I worked with Mandy many years ago and have recently become an online client. I’ve had health and gut issues that have left me feeling debilitated and after months and months of countless doctor’s appointments and referrals to specialists, I knew the only place for me to go and be in capable hands was Mandy at MH Performance. From the moment I reached out, Mandy has provided continuous support, compassion and a wealth of knowledge. This has been a life changing experience for me in such a short period of time and although I still have a long journey ahead, with Mandy and her body of expertise, I’ve never felt more confident being on the right path. I’m looking forward to reaching my absolute optimum health.
Shaelee Carrier
This place is honestly amazing!! I used to be scared about working out and ashamed of not knowing what/how to do certain exercises. The team at MH are so welcoming and inclusive and they are all so lovely! I've learnt so much from them and love the different training options depending on your needs. The team is highly educated and continue to further educate themselves and their clients to enhance our knowledge in our bodies. Do yourself a favour and join!!!
Tamra Davidson
I’ve turned to the team at MH Performance twice now. Currently I’m an online client with Naomi! Easily the best investment I have made in myself. I’m personally there for nutrition guidance because I was suffering from bloating constantly. Nearly 3 months in and I feel like a different person. The team also focuses on your overall health including your mental health and goal setting which I think is so important. Super approachable and educate you as you go along! Plus there’s the most supportive online community. I just can not recommend MH Performance enough!!
Lauren Wilson
This place is nothing short of AMAZING. I am so shocked at how professional, fun and educated the coaches are - just WOW. I completed a protocol with Mandy and my gut issues were identified and resolved in such an efficient manner. The manager Tammy was so efficient, bubbly and informative when signing me up and settled all my anxieties about beginning the protocol. I have recommended this to all my friends and family when they have mentioned issues with their gut.
Rebecca Allen
Mandy and the MH team are incredibly knowledgeable. I have been working with Mandy for 8 months now, and within a few weeks of working with her, I was beginning to feel like a new person. I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease 3 years ago, and was told I would always feel extreme fatigue, brain fog and body aches. Thanks to Mandy, I no longer suffer from any of those symptoms. She has changed my life!! Not only that, but she explains why everything is happening and how certain changes can fix these issues. If anyone is considering working with Mandy or any of her team, do it! It’ll be the best decision you will make!
Victoria Sissanes

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