This explains the benefits of analyzing your blood and how to do so effectively.


This consultation is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any dysfunction, disorder, or disease. This consultation is for informational purposes only and should not be used to disagree with trained medical professionals. Please contact your registered health care practitioner for diagnosis and treatment.

Purpose of Blood Analysis

Testing is a great way to see exactly what is going on in your body to identify any issues you are having and allow us to write the most appropriate nutrition, training, supplementation and lifestyle plan for you.

Lab work allows us to get a graphical representation that can help in the assessment of conditions such as; IBS, food sensitivities, water retention, bloating, inflammation, skin issues, thyroid issues, chronic stress and adrenal imbalances, fatigue, brittle hair, skin and nails, gut infections, parasites, leaky gut, viral infections, PMS, malnutrition, detoxification issues, digestive ability and much more.

Blood work offers a valuable insight into your overall health. Utilizing a variety of different markers, we can get more of an insight into what is going on inside your body.

The markers we analyze are;

We compare these markers to ‘optimal’ ranges rather than the ‘average’ ranges which are based on the average health of the population. The reason for this is we are chasing OPTIMAL health, performance, and body composition.

We often see women who are exhausted by being told their blood work is normal, despite feeling terrible, lacking energy, having digestive issues, lacking motivation, not losing weight, and not progressing in their training. The reason you are being told your blood work is normal is due to it being looked at from an ‘average’ range not an optimal range. Therefore, we tend to find dozens of markers out of range when we look at blood work. Because we are looking through a lens of optimal function not average. We are not chasing average.

What happens after we
analyse your Blood Work?

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Once we have gone through your blood work and compared it to our optimal ranges, along with an understanding of your current symptoms, nutritional status, training, and lifestyle we are able to tailor a program to your body function and any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Our lifestyle, training, nutrition, and supplementation recommendations are adapted to you and your specific situation. With this, you will see a great improvement in your quality of life and your results.

How to get your Blood taken

Once your test has been ordered you can print your form out and head down to a recommended blood pathology clinic to have your bloods taken. Prior to the test you will need to do the following.

My Experience

At MH we take a health first approach when we work with our members. A health first approach not only means you will get the results you want faster, but you will make these results last longer. Nutrients dictate the language of our cells, with the cells being the building blocks to our physical body.

We take a very holistic approach to our coaching with the goal to not only optimize your physique but to improve your overall health, digestive function, sleep, recovery, menstrual cycle, lifestyle, eating behaviors, mental health and much more..

This is the approach I derived from my own 8-year journey battling with a wide range of health issues. Particularly gut health issues. These issues impacted on my progress massively. Through lab testing I found out I had;

I tried on my own to fix the issues or 6-years despite trying every diet, training method and supplement going. I finally found someone who was able to run extensive lab analysis on me and we identified all of the above. And I focused on healing this for 2 years. This experience taught me the value of looking at lab work from a functional and optimal standpoint. It taught me the importance of nutrients, stress management, setting boundaries in my life, and self-care. I have invested the last few years into learning about how I can now help women in the same boat as me.

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But don’t take my word for it...
Hear from some of our members and their
experience doing their bloods with us

Investment Opportunity

*if you are in any of our online coaching programs or 1on1 coaching program your analysis fee is already included in your normal fee so you do not need to pay the $250 – only the purchasing of the blood test is required.

Please Note:

Please Note:

One More Thing

This service has allowed us to get to the root cause of dozens of women’s gut issues, hormonal issues, and weight issues. It has allowed us to get them the answers they haven’t been able to get from other specialists and health care professionals. It has given them hope and faith that their symptoms are NOT all in their head, that they are not incurable and that they CAN improve their quality of life.

Our main goal is to have every client as healthy as they can be, happy, and making progress.

Mandy and the MH Team x

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