8 Week Home Program (Week 9 – 16)


8 Week Home Program (Week 9 – 16)



This is an 8-week training program requiring MINIMAL EQUIPMENT (backpack and long band only) that you can do at home. It includes 2 x 4-week blocks of training both comprised of 3 days of resistance training and 1 conditioning day!

This block builds on the 8-week Home Program (Weeks 1-8) so I only recommend starting this program if you have done the initial 8 weeks.

This program is properly periodized and programmed to ensure you get continual results over the 8-weeks! Whilst at home, we will manipulate sets, reps, exercise sequence, and tempo throughout the 8 weeks to keep you dropping body fat without losing muscle, target stubborn body fat, and improve your overall fitness and conditioning whilst you can’t go to the gym!

This program includes:
• 8-week (2 x 4-week blocks) 4-day per week training program progressing from the previous home program
• NEW additional mini-band glute exercise program
• Full exercise glossary
• Access to our video library of exercises
• Access to our MH Strong, Healthy & Fit Facebook Group!

Written by Sports Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Female Body Transformation Coach Mandy Hopper MSc (SpSc)


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