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8-Week Gym Program


8-Week Gym Program



It includes 2 x 4 week blocks of training both comprised of 3 days of resistance training and 1 conditioning day!

This program is properly periodized and programmed to ensure you get continual results over the 8-weeks!

This program includes:
• 8-week (2 x 4-week blocks) 4-day per week training program
• An additional mini-band glute exercise program
​• Full exercise glossary
​• Access to our video library of over 50 exercises​

It is designed:
• For females only
• To help you lose body fat and maintain muscle tone over an 8-week period
• And to improve your strength, fitness, and conditioning

Written by Sport Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Nutritionist and Female Body Transformation Coach Mandy Hopper MSc (SpSc)

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