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The Ultimate Guide To Your Best Body


The Ultimate Guide To Your Best Body



To sleep better, decrease stress, have more energy, beat the constant and persistent bloating, regulate their menstrual cycle and manipulate their body composition at the same time!

There is so much information out there it is hard to know what to follow and what to do! It is no wonder you are left feeling frustrated and confused…

This is why we wanted to write this book. 77 pages to to give you the knowledge and the power to take control of your own health and maximise your body composition based on the scientific research

In this book you will learn;

  1. Although we do not believe it is necessary to count every single calorie all the time, we do know it is important for you to understand energy balance and its role in health and body composition. You will learn how to set up your calories along with busting a lot of common myths about calories!
  2. How protein, fats and carbs play an essential role in health and wellbeing and how you can set your intake up to hit your goals.
  3. We are going to teach you the anatomy of your digestive system, all the areas that could possibly go wrong causing pain and bloating, and what you can do to heal your gut!
  4. The major hormones acting in your body that affect muscle and fat stores, energy levels, mood, memory, menstrual cycle, sleep quality, stress and cravings. Along with how you can balance them!
  5. Our top 5 supplements that are proven by the scientific literature
  6. How to set up your training program to hit your goals! Including exercise selection, training splits, frequency, periodisation, sets and reps. With example programs! Along with busting some myths about female strength training.
  7. Learn how to program to build your glutes!
  8. 10 macro-friendly healthy recipes by Em Davies – including desserts!

Em and Mandy x

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