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I need help getting in shape

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Our proven science based, holistic training
methods create sustainable long term results

Over the past 10 years, by working with some of the worlds leading minds in health and fitness, we have created a method of coaching which helps women to overcome health issues that the conventional medical system is missing.
Break The Frustration

Women's Gym in Perth Health Coaching

Over the past 10 years, we have come to understand how difficult it can be for women to get answers on complex female health issues such as PCOS, IBS, Endometriosis and Autoimmune disorders.

Through working with some of the worlds leading minds in health, we have been able to create the MH Health Method. Helping hundreds of women overcome these complex health issues and gain control of their health!

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Break The Frustration

Sports Specific Athletic Performance Coaching

Our sports specific athletic coaching program, takes a systematic approach to helping athletes to improve their performance and hit PB’s.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve supported athletes across a range of sports.

Founder of MH Health & Performance

Meet Mandy

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Mandy Hopper
MH Coaching Team

What Sets our MH coaches apart?

Our coaches genuinely care about getting you health and hitting your goals

We take a holistic approach to your health, focussing on improving your mindset around food, training, nutrition, and your own body image is key to long-term, lasting results.

Highly trained and qualified with a minimum Bachelor’s in Sports Science Degree

Over 50% of our coaches are working towards attaining their Masters

Continuous Education – we are continuously upskilling and regularly undergoing further education surrounding nutrition, functional health, female health, training, physique coaching, and mindset so we can continue to provide the highest level of knowledge and service to our clients.


What our clients say...

I joined MH Performance after 9-10 years of unexplained stomach issues and had been to just about every specialist with no improvement or answers. Lewis has completely changed the game for me and I’ll be forever grateful! I’ve had such positive changes – not only in terms of stomach pain but in my mindset and relationship with food. The education and support from Lewis over the last year has been above and beyond! I’ve been recommending MH Performance to anyone who will listen!
Ella Stenning
I started at MH as I was struggling with bloating after every meal and found I could never lose fat no matter how much I trained. This put me in a downwards spiral both mentally and physically. Right now I am the strongest and the leanest I have ever been since starting at MH, and not only that but I am now able to listen to my body and know what it needs! My favourite thing is seeing all the coaches, they are the most knowledgeable and the most supportive people I know! If you are willing to be the best version of yourself, I highly recommend!
Olivia Panossian

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