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10-Week Netball Specific Strength and Conditioning Program

Performance Coaching for Young Netball Athletes Wanting to Take Their Game to the Next Level.

The Importance of Strength for Your Game

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More Time on
the Court

Sitting on the sidelines while you’re teammates are on the court can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening no matter what stage you’re at in your netball career. The Netball Academy Program, is designed to help your kids play as often as they want, without pain, and helping them avoid injury so they don’t spend their time sitting on the sidelines.

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Reduced Visits to
the Medicos

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting in a doctors office or having back-to-back appointments with physios, OT’s or chiropractors to deal with niggling or severe injuries caused by playing Netball. Not only does it take up a lot of time, it also hurts the hip pocket! Our program is designed to keep you out of the doctor’s office by providing your child with the strength and agility to help avoid injury.

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Performing to
True Potential

The reason they play… Whether it’s for fun, to be a part of a team, or to be the best on court, our program is designed to help your child reach their full potential. It’s designed to help them play injury free, jump higher, have fun, run faster and help them reach their goals, whatever that may be for them.

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This Program is Designed to Help Your Child Be Their Best, Avoid Injury and Spend More Time on the Court Playing a Game They Love…


We have sessions running Monday and Wednesday morning, and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and evening. We keep the sessions at no more then 10-12 athletes to ensure they are getting one on one attention. Sessions to book up quickly so if you are in need of a certain time, make sure you get in quick!

This will depend on the days and times your netball club trains and plays, and any other sporting commitments your daughter may have. We have numerous time slots available over 4 days so it shouldn’t be an issue for your daughter to work around netball to fit these sessions in!

The Netball Academy is best suited to netball athletes aged 12-18 years. Although, we do have girls as young as 10 and 11 in the program. If your daughter is aged 10 or 11 and wanting to participate, please book in time for a consultation so we can discuss her specific situation and if the program would be suited to her.

Our strength sessions are not designed to fatigue and overload the athlete. Our goal is to support and faciliate their netball training and competition, NOT take away from it. We monitor our athletes in session closely along with talking to them about how they are feeling and how they are going. If there is any issues we will modify the session accordingly and prescribe recovery protocols to prevent overtraining and allow then to perform at their best.

Either! If you are unsure if this program would suit your daughter or if it will be feasible with her busy netball schedule, click the button below, enter your details and someone from our team will be in contact with you as soon as possible for further discussion regarding the program! If you would prefer to go straight through and reserve your slot, you can do this also once you’ve registered your interest!

I signed up to the 10-week netball S&C program to gain strength and fitness to improve my netball game

Since starting the program I have noticed my fitness level has really improved. I have gone from only playing GK to playing equal amounts of GD

My favourite thing about the program is the personalised advice we get from both Mandy and Naomi

I love the support and the friendliness of everyone. I love going!

Mandy and Naomi and just incredible, loving, caring and wonderful role models for the girls. They treat each of their girls the same and spend so much time getting to know each and every one of their personalities right down to their little quirks

They work around all the girls’ moods, lives and temperaments. They have created the most amazing fun, caring and safe environment so all the girls love going to see them, work hard while are there and keep coming back. Caitlin loves them and looks up to them as if they are her big sisters

So far she has outreached each milestone faster than we imagined and that is down to the hard work and dedication Mandy and Naomi have for each of their girls"

I signed up for the this program to improve my strength on court, prevent injuries and to strengthen my knees because I suffer from osgood schlatters

Since I have been in the program my vertical jump has improved, I am lifting heavier weights and I have increased muscle in my arms and legs. I also feel stronger through my core. My knees have not been anywhere near as sore this netball season compared to last year

I really enjoy going to the gym and pushing myself with heavier weights every week. I have seen an improvement in my netball, especially in my rebounding

Netball Strength Program

Thank you for enquiring about our Netball Specific Strength and Conditioning Program.

This program has helped hundreds of netball athletes eliminate knee, ankle, and back pain, irradiate shin splints, reduce injury risk on court, improve netball performance (run fasters, jump higher, change direction quicker), AND build confidence inside and outside the gym. If you would like to join our team of inspired, driven, educated, and empowered young netball athletes fill the below form and a member from my team will be in contact with you shortly!

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If you are interested in working with our team of strong women striving for optimal health and performance and to make sure you are suited to the program. Fill in the below questions to apply for a consultation with our coaching team!