“The Gym is Now My Happy Place” – From yo-yo dieting, depression and anxiety to being confident, happy… and 13kgs lighter

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“The Gym is Now My Happy Place”

From constant Yo Yo dieting to being confident, happy and more energy…and 13kgs lighter

At just 20 years old, Emilee’s doctor told her she needed to start eating healthy and exercising. Just like most females I work with Emilee has a history of yo-yo dieting and constantly losing and gaining weight. Because of this, she didn’t listen to her doctor as she thought it would come off eventually.

“My clothes weren’t fitting, I couldn’t wear jeans, I couldn’t get my tops on. I got on the scales and saw 77.5kg. This made me realise I needed to make a change. I started going for walks, doing home workouts I found online and eating what I thought was healthy food. It didn’t take long before I got bored, lost motivation and gave up on the idea”

Statistics say that it takes someone 6 months of thinking about joining a gym before they even go in! A lot of girls especially, fear going into the gym for the first time, fear being judged and being looked at. This was no different for Emilee. She bit the bullet and came in and signed up to the gym and booked in for a session with me.

Emilee after her first 8 week bootcamp

“I booked the session in but I was scared, I kept asking myself why I was joining up to something I was going to fail at. I felt embarrassed to go in, like I didn’t belong. Within the first few minutes I felt safe and comfortable with Mandy

Emilee signed up for the All Female Strength Camp because she knew she needed to make a change, she had tried on her own before and failed and she didn’t want that to happen again. Emilee didn’t need just a physical transformation, she needed a complete mental transformation as well.

My focuses with Emilee were to;

  1. Get her comfortable in the gym – create an environment she feels safe and confident in
  2. Improve her battle with depression and anxiety through nutrition, training and specific supplementation protocol
  3. Set a training and nutrition schedule that is feasible to her lifestyle, sustainable and enjoyable
  4. Improve her self-confidence, restore belief in herself and move from a victim mentality to a victor mentality

“In the first 4 weeks I lost 3kgs, this was enough to motivate me to keep going, I had more energy, my clothes were starting to fit again, I was eating food and enjoying it”

 remember one session Emilee came in wearing this lovely purple singlet. It stood out to me right away as she ALWAYS wore black baggy t-shirts when we trained. I said right away “Em, I like your top!” and she responded “thanks! I have had it for ages but it has never fit, until now!”

The mental shift from body image obsession to strength and performance goals

One of the things I focus on with all of my female clients is to set strength and performance goals in the gym. Fixating on body image all the time encourages a negative relationship with training. I set squat, deadlift and press goals with all of my clients, when they start focusing on strength and performance, weight and fat loss comes easily.

“I started to set strength goals and I wasn’t focused on body image. I wanted to lift heavy and push myself strength wise. I was still seeing results, my energy levels where increasing, and my food was still increasing!”

After 3 rounds of bootcamp Emilee achieved the following goals!

  1. 13kg weight loss, clothes were fitting and she had a new found confidence
  2. Looked and felt amazing for her 21st birthday
  3. Squats her BW and Deadlifts 1.5 x BW
  4. Alleviated mental health issues
Emilees before photo and her before her 21st birthday!

“I am loving the gym atmosphere, I am no longer scared of the gym and it has become my happy place. I’ve learnt that the only person who ever held me back was me”


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“The Gym is Now My Happy Place” – From yo-yo dieting, depression and anxiety to being confident, happy… and 13kgs lighter

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