Sarah is the head of our Youth Netball and Athlete S&C Program, Head of Venetians Netball Club S&C Program, Strength Coach, Nutritionist, and Functional Health Coach

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Sarah is strengthening the netball community in more ways than one. Our netball-specific strength programs have our girls getting stronger, faster, and jumping higher on the netball court while growing their confidence at the same time.
Sarah also works with a variety of athletes 1on1 to further specialize their training and nutrition to optimize their sports performance.
With years of sports-specific education, training, and personal performance, Sarah periodizes our programs specifically for injury prevention and better on-court performance based around the netball season. This leaves our athletes on the court rather than on the sidelines needing treatment.
As a netball athlete herself, Sarah has succumbed to injury in the past. She knows first-hand the disappointment, frustration, and hard work it takes to return to sport after injury. This allows her to connect with our athletes through personal experience and knowledge. This has grown her interest in rehabilitation and supporting athletes in their return to sport.

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Formal Qualifications

  • Master of Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning) 
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science (Sports Science) 
  • ASCA Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach 
  • ASADA Level 2 Anti-Doping Certification 
  • Keep Australian Sport Honest Certification 
  • Netball Australia Foundation Coaching Accreditation 
  • AIS Community Coaching General Principles Certification 
  • Provide First Aid and CPR 
  • Working With Children Check 

Professional Development

  • 12-Month Functional Nutrition and Lab Analysis: The Carter Institute
  • 6-Month Private Functional Nutrition and Lab Analysis Internship: Jake Carter
  • Christian Woodford: Physical Preparation and Injury Prevention for the Netball Athlete 
  • Perth Lynx (WNBL) 12 Week Intern 
  • 16-Week Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship: Dan Garner
  • Jake Carter 1-Day Intensive: Eating Disorders

Our Coaches

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Mandy (M.Sc)

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Lewis Greathead

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Naomi Price


Kieran Fitzgerald


Talia Basso Brusa

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Mandy (M.Sc)

My strength and conditioning career started during my internship at the Western Region Academy of Sport (WRAS) in Regional NSW. Through this experience I was the head S&C coach for an academy netball team whilst working through 10 S&C certificates and being mentored by some of the industries top sport scientists and strength and conditioning coaches. This saw me make the move to Perth to complete my Masters in Sports Science under one of the worlds top sport scientists Assoc/Prof. Greg Haff (formerpresident of the National Strength and Conditioning Association [NSCA] – the governing body for strength and conditioning in the world) with my research focusing on reducing injury risk factors and improving performance in young netball players.

The past 6 years have seen me as the head S&C coach for the West Coast Warriors Netball Club, I coordinate the strength and conditioning programs for the state league squad, under 20s squad and the mens state league team. In addition to this, I regularly visit the Warriors Academy team, schools and various netball clubs around the region to speak about strength and conditioning in netball and run strength sessions.

“Having competed in bikini competitions in the past I have been subject to strict dieting regimes, yo-yo dieting and excessive cardio prescription which left me in a hormonal mess.”

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Lewis Greathead


Lewis’ was first introduced to fitness in 2013 when he joined Lacey’s Boxing Gym. From there he became infatuated with the science around training, programming and nutrition for both athletes and general population.  

Following high school Lewis went straight to university to pursue his interest in Sport Science. Completing his Bachelor in Exercise and Sport Science, completed a Certificate III and IV in fitness whilst working at Laceys Boxing Gym to continue to gain hands on coaching experience whilst studying 

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Naomi Price

Sport and Exercise Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Coming from an elite basketball background Naomi has had her fair share of injuries. She was constantly having to be sidelined and receiving treatment for her back and knee. These injuries unfortunately caused her to have to cease playing all sport. 

“After suffering so many injuries through sport I became fascinated in how athletes bodies work, how to prevent injury and how to improve performance” – Naomi 



Kieran lives a life revolving around exercise and sport, trying his hand at football, AFL and pushing himself as an endurance athlete. During this he always showed an interest in athletic performance and where he could get an upper hand on his opponents, leading his attention to exercise science.

Kieran explored this interest by studying a bachelor in sport science, exercise and health at UWA, finalising his degree with an internship at MH. This gave him the opportunity to work under, and pick the brains of our senior coaches as he broadened his knowledge in strength and conditioning, nutrition, periodisation and coaching. Following this Kieran continues to work with our 8-week Female Strength Camp and Netball S&C Academy Athletes, pushing them to reach their goals.

While working with MH Kieran looks to further his education within the injury prevention and rehabilitation field as he studies a degree in physiotherapy, allowing him to get our injured athletes back on the field and performing.



Talia grew up as a gymnast and then progressed into Muay Thai. She is a currently a competitive and active Muay Thai fighter. Talia was first introduced to S&C in 2018 when she undertook a S&C class to gain weight, increase performance and prevent injury for sport.

Following high school, Talia completed her Bachelors of Exercise and Sport Science (Major in Nutrition) where she undertook different placements to gain practical knowledge from Sport Scientists.

During her final year of university, she completed an internship with MH Performance Coaching, involving learning and working underneath Mandy, Naomi and Sarah whilst coaching the Netball S&C Academy Athletes and the female Boot Camp. She interned at MHP for just under 6 months before taking being offered a coaching role as a Strength and Conditioning Coach whilst undergoing further studies in a Master’s of Applied Sport Science (High Performance Athletes)*and Jake Carter’ Carter Institute for Functional Health and Nutrition.

Since starting, she has continued working with as a coach for our specialised Netball Program, she also coaches our 8-week Female Strength Camp, She is head of S&C for an U18s Female WAFL team, along with working with her 1 on 1 clients to help them achieve reach optimal health, performance, and body composition.

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