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Ella Stenning
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I joined MH performance after 9-10 years of unexplained stomach issues and had been to just about every specialist with no improvement or answers. Lewis has completely changed the game for me and I'll be forever grateful! I've had such positive changes - not only in terms of stomach pain but in my mindset and relationship with food. The education and support from Lewis over the last year has been above and beyond! I've been recommending MH performance to anyone who will listen!
Olivia Panossian
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I started at MH as I was struggling with bloating after every meal and found I could never lose fat no matter how much I trained. This put me in a downwards spiral both mentally and physically. Right now I am the strongest and the leanest I have ever been since starting at MH, and not only that but I am now able to listen to my body and know what it needs! My favourite thing is seeing all the coaches, they are the most knowledgeable and the most supportive people I know! If you are willing to be the best version of yourself, I highly recommend!
Bille Schembri
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I’ve started online Coaching with Mandy from MH Performance at the beginning of 2021, all I can say is shes absolutely AMAZING and has helped me mentally and physically with my relationship with health and nutrition. She is so thorough and always has your best intentions at heart. Ive never been able to find anyone like I have with Mandy. Even though this is only the beginning she’s manage to take me such a huge way. I can’t thank Mandy enough and would recommend Mh Performance to everyone.
Dea Effendi
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If you are looking to start your health journey start here, actually, even if you’re a pro gym-mer you can probably benefit a lot from the team! MH Performance is a boutique gym that not only teaches you how to workout properly but also teaches you about nutrition and the whys of it all. Love the team, friendly, supportive, and they definitely know what they are talking about. I have learnt so much, it’s not just about working our hard but also smart! It’s a great investment, trust me.
Gabi Sullivan
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Highly recommend Mandy & the team at MH performance. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Mandy has made me feel so comfortable and confident in weight training. I have honestly seen amazing results with building muscle and learnt so much about my hormones and relationship with food / calories since starting with her over a year ago. Thank you so much!
Lucy Kelsh
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Mandy is the most well educated and supportive coach I have ever had! I am an online client but everytime i set foot in the gym all the staff are so welcoming and friendly, amazing little crew theyve built with a great attitude to whats truly important in fitness!
Hannah Mancakas
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Cannot recommend Mandy and all of the team highly enough. So friendly and so full of knowledge and care for each individual person that walks through the doors or online support. I first went to Mandy as i was having trouble with gut issues, i had exhausted all hope but she has taken the time and care to get me on the right track to fix my issues at the root. I attended the 8 week bootcamp during lockdown and now attending round 2 of the bootcamp in the gym and the professionalism and lack of judgement for all members is amazing. Great value for the life changing perspective and that is not an over exaggeration and worth every penny!
Emily Davies
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Mandy has honestly changed my life. Not only has Mandy helped heal my gut issues but she has guided and helped me switch my focus from body aesthetics to focusing on my health and the way I feel. I have genuinely never felt more confident, happy and healthy within not just my body but my mind and I thank her for this. Her knowledge is so powerful and it has honestly taught me so much. I cant wait to continue this journey with Mandy and learn along the way


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