How Lucy went from tired, confused and bloated to energised, confident and healthy all year round!

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Are you obsessive about food and training? Always eating clean and training hard, jumping from one thing to the other trying to find what is going to work for you? Are you doing ‘everything right’ but you are still struggling with gut issues, bloating, and fatigue?

Meet Lucy. This was her exact issue.

“When I signed up with Mandy I was overweight, constantly bloated, fatigued, and anxious. I was always eating clean foods and training hard but I could never understand why I never had energy or felt good or why I was constantly bloated. I had seen naturopaths, gastroenterologists, and endocrinologists with no results” – Lucy

 When Lucy approached me she had tried every diet on the market, she had seen multiple coaches and medical professionals and even studied nutrition herself to try and get to the bottom of her issues with no luck. She had so much anxiety and stress around food and her gut, that she stopped socializing.

“I signed up with Mandy as I had exhausted every other option and I was spending so much money on supplements and gut fixes that got me nowhere. Mandy previously came with amazing reviews although I did spend the first few weeks trying to prove to her that I would be that one client she couldn’t fix and one client that wouldn’t lose weight” – Lucy

Getting to the Nuts and Bolts of the Problem!

Given everything Lucy had been through, there were a few things we needed to do with her;

  • Develop a robust mindset – This involved working on her stress and anxiety around food, her weight, and her gut.
  • Find the root cause of her gut issues – Through both objective (testing) and subjective data we were able to find that Lucy was suffering from digestive dysfunction dysbiosis after previously having both SIBO and Candida. She had incredibly low numbers of beneficial bacteria which allowed an opportunity for pathogen overgrowth, along with maldigestion and absorption which was consistent in the symptoms she was experiencing (bloating, discomfort, etc). We had to address and treat this through her nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation protocol.
  • Build her metabolic rate – Her history of yo-yo dieting and restricting calories then binging, along with her gut issues meant we needed to start a reverse diet to begin to rebuild her metabolic rate and restore digestive function

“The biggest thing Mandy ended up doing for me was helping my mindset around food and fitness in my life. She helped me see that I can be fit, healthy, and confident all year round and not just for a festival or a holiday. Mandy changing my mindset meant that I could enjoy life and get results at the same time!” – Lucy

When it comes to healing the gut, it is a holistic approach. This means all lifestyle factors need to be taken into consideration including stress levels, sleep and recoverability, your relationship with food and mindset whilst you are eating, and training volume and frequency.

Confident, Energised, and a Whole New Mindset!

“The number one result I have achieved since working with Mandy has been with my gut and bloating! Not having any bloating has given me so much confidence to be in photos and go out with my friends. My energy levels have increased massively, my periods have become lighter with less PMS and I am losing weight from areas I have never been able to before (triceps, stomach and legs). This has had a hugely positive effect on my relationship, my friendships, my mood, at work, and my training!” – Lucy

I asked Lucy what her favorite thing about training at MH is! This was her answer;

“Mandy not only got me but I have never had so much fun losing weight I have been through so many different health clinics after being into fitness for so long but I just feel like Mandy and her team tick all the boxes on how to be a perfect coach and teach clients lessons that stick with them rather than just providing an eating or training plan. 

I feel like Mandy’s goal was to increase my quality of life and my mental health while my goal was to look good. A year into training with her and I feel really lucky I trusted her because she’s given me more than I originally thought I would get or ever asked her for. 

Mandy genuinely cares for my health and well-being and having a coach who shoots for a goal just as hard as you are is super empowering” – Lucy

Mandy xx


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How Lucy went from tired, confused and bloated to energised, confident and healthy all year round!

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