From Fad Diets, Hating Herself and Binging to Body and Food Freedom

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Peyton came to MHP completely lost. She had hit a breaking point with her body, she wasn’t seeing any results, and she was incredibly unhappy within herself. Her relationship with food, her history of yo-yo dieting, and her gut health and hormones were out of control.

After working closely with Coach Sarah for the past few months, Coach Sarah got Peyton training smart and eating more than ever. 

The Vicious Starve – Binge – Starve cycle

She had tried every single diet which leads to a cycle of binging on the weekends, feelings of guilt and shame, and starting to starve again the following week. Leading to a loss of control, avoiding social interaction, and hating herself. And this is the cycle so many young girls are currently going through.

“Three years ago, I started my “health journey” I tried every fad diet there was, fasting, eliminating carbs, shake diets, restricting calories, and going vegan. I had no changes at all in my body or on the scale. I would then beat myself up for it and go 10 times harder at whatever fad diet I was doing at that time. I deprived myself so much throughout the week, that on the weekends or a day I would go see my friends I would just binge on junk and think I’ve ruined it now “start back on Monday”. This started to become a vicious cycle weekly. I lost self-confidence, I hated myself because I thought I had no self-control and I hated going out with friends because of it” – Peyton

Eliminating the obsession with food

Peyton came to MHP because she wanted a sustainable result. She knew she couldn’t continue to live like this and had to make a permanent change.

“I signed up to MHP because I knew after three years of this cycle that I needed to do something about it. I started seeing changes within the first couple of weeks. My whole mindset has changed and I’m not constantly thinking about food or what I’m going to eat next because it’s all there in front of me. I have so much to eat in a day I don’t even think about junk food because I’m genuinely not hungry for it. My mind completely shifted from constantly thinking about the scales and what I was eating to how I’m actually feeling inside.” – Peyton  

Freedom and confidence whilst eating more than ever

Our goals with Peyton was to;

  1. Change her mindset around nutrition and training, and give her relationship with food a complete overhaul
  2. Incrementally increase her calories to improve her hormonal and metabolic function
  3. Irradiate her gut issues through identifying and eliminating food sensitivities and placing her on a specific gut protocol to heal her gut
  4. Set a training and nutrition schedule that is feasible to her lifestyle, sustainable and enjoyable

“My first consultation with Sarah, we noticed a lot of inflammation on my body than to my second consultation it had visually reduced. I have also noticed my energy has increased from before I started to now and I’m currently on 2000 plus calories which is mind-boggling because I am still reducing fat and losing weight” – Peyton

The MHP Method

“I love the idea of how MHP is a boutique gym, that’s what attracted me initially. I find a lot of commercial gyms are very competitive, from the PT to the client and I genuinely didn’t feel that they had my best interest at heart. While MHP my first Consultation with Mandy she sat me down she asked me a bunch of deeply personal questions and by the end of it she had a plan of attack. She could see what I had done in my past, that had affected me now, to what we were going to do from there onwards. I love the atmosphere of MHP, I found my last gym very daunting to go to. You feel very welcomed by everyone here and it’s just nice to walk in confidence knowing everyone is working their arses off for their own personal growth” – Peyton

If you have been struggling with stress, low self-confidence, poor gut health, slow metabolism and are sick and tired of it, and you want a sustainable solution click here!

Mandy x


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From Fad Diets, Hating Herself and Binging to Body and Food Freedom

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