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Fueling combat sports athletes to train, cut weight and compete safely in peak condition

The Combat sports program is designed to get and keep in top physical condition so you can compete at your best. Check out some of our reviews and book a call to find out more.

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Combat Sport-Specific Nutrition Programming

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Combat Sport Specific Strength Programming

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Combat Sport Specific Supplementation Recommendations whilst in and out of Fight Preparation

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Optimized Nutrition Tailored for the Unique Demands for Combat Athletes

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Nutrition That Is Periodised Year Round Including Fight Preparation

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Performance-Based Meal Plans

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Lose Weight Safely & Effectively Without Putting Your Health & Fight Performance at Risk

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Increase Your Longevity in your Sport

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Identify, Address and Strengthen Body Parts that are Predisposed to Injury in Combat Sport

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Blood Analysis to Optimise Your Health & Performance (OPTIONAL)

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Video Testimonials

Fighter Reviews

Luke Diserni
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I signed up at MH because I was having trouble with managing my frequent binge eating. Before starting with MH I would overly restrict my food and be under-fuelled before training, leading to me developing a habit of binge eating. I approached MH in order to fix my eating habits and to learn how to properly fuel myself for my training.

Since starting with MH I have had a major improvement when it comes to my bige eating, with it almost completely being eliminated. I have also learned so much about food and nutrition in relation to what foods I should be eating to properly fuel myself to perform optimally during training. This has helped me be more flexible with my eating, not being afraid of eating out or overly obsessing over every little gram. I have also had major improvements in my energy levels entering fight week, whereas before I would be drained and sluggish.

I would tell other fighters on the fence to just go for it, it will be one of the most worthwhile decision they can make. I would tell them to trust the process and the team at MH as their wealth of knowledge will make a huge difference in not only their athletic performance, but their lifestyle as well.
Max McVicker
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I signed up to MH to aid my athletic performance in the sport of Muay Thai. This included nutritional guidance, injury rehab, S&C training and injury prevention work that allowed me to perform to the peak of my ability.

Before working with MH I came of the back of some very rough weight cuts, yo-yo dieting and some career threatening injuries related to diet and to sport related injury. Mandy was able to begin a new relationship with food and educated me on how to use food to maximise my performance in the ring. During this process she was able to strengthen previous weaknesses within my body to make me a more rounded athlete and more importantly a safe athlete.

Before working with MH I was in a very dangerous spot in my career. Manipulating your body to lose weight within relatively short periods of time can be extremely dangerous when uneducated and unprepared. Working with MH allowed me to confidently prepare for the obstacles that come with not only a high-risk sport but the unique style of nutrition that is included in my lifestyle.
Tyler Hardcastle
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Hi my name is Tyler Hardcastle I’ve been a professional Muay Thai fighter for 10 years I have recently joined MH performance to greater enhance my performance both in and out of the ring I also love the no ego atmosphere that is within you can be from all walks of life and be welcome at MH.

I joined MH performance because I first hand have seen and experienced how far behind everyone else I was without having a proper nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach since joining I’ve become stronger both physically and mentally. I also have a lot better relationship with food since joining.

I’ve seen many results so far mentally in every day life I’m a lot more up beat and confident physically I feel a lot stronger and can also see the benefits!! My favourite part of MH has to be the easy going no ego atmosphere that they have created you can be all experiences with training and you’ll all be treated the exact same.

I highly recommend MH to anyone who is interested in a high quality strength and nutrition centre
Nicola Callander
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I signed up with MH as I was not happy with my performance either at training or in the ring. I had some bad weight cuts and my relationship with food was not great. I felt frustrated and down. I knew what i was capable of and i just wasn't doing it.

Diet was the biggest struggle i needed help with but i also wanted a more structured strength program so i could see and feel progress.

I had been following MHP for awhile plus my main training partner Megan was already working with Mandy and i could see the results she was already experiencing so i reached out.

It didn't take long to start feeling the changes. I was eating more than ever and had so much more variety in food. I had more energy in the gym and felt noticably stronger.

With the MHPs support fight week was no longer a struggle. i wasn't cutting as much weight and didn't have to suffer in the sauna like i use too.

MHP helped with more than diet and exercise though, my overall mental health and wellness improved. I slept better, handled stress better, and had less anxiety.
Dani Bator
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I came to MH with many issues, weight, strength, injuries and just not feeling like an athlete at all…

My weight cut before seeing Naomi was absolutely awful, I struggled to make weight and was barely eating

My weight cuts since being with MH have been easy. I was eating so much food and dropping weight and waking up on weight on weigh in day feeling fantastic‼️

Naomi and MHP have really helped improve my relationship with food and my body as i'm leaner than ever

I love my strength I've learned how to lift heavy and properly but with exercises that help improve my strength in Muay Thai and I am stronger and more explosive than ever which is showing in my training and fights.

I also had all my blood work done with MHP, showing up being low in things like Vitamin d, iron, zinc and B12 ect. Naomi and the team put together a protocol for me to help sort out all these deficiencies and I feel like a totally new person since starting this protocol, I don't wake up exhausted everyday and have so much more energy!
Cody Basso Brusa
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I joined MH Performance since I'm a combat sport athlete and I need to make sure I can make weight for my division and perform at my best. I had 8 fights on my own where I managed my own nutrition, although with my lack of knowledge I was heavily dieting which lead to restrictive eating and I would then blow out after fights having to repeat the process of hardcore diets. This had me seeking help from the coaches at MH for their experitise in nutrition for my 9th fight to ensure I can maintain optimal performance in the gym while loosing weight.

Over the course of 2 months I managed to loose a total of 10kg while eating the most food and felt the best I ever while preparing for competition! Even after my fight my coach at MH kept me accountable making sure I did not blow out after my fight which is a first!

My favourite thing about MH is the passion and care the coaches have for their clients/members to provide the best possible service while creating a community with the entire team! Thank you to all the coaches at team MH for being so amazing
Carissa Shepperd
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I came to MP Performance as a competitive athlete (Muaythai) after a shoulder reconstruction. Sarah, my PT has helped me gain full confidence in my shoulder, I never stress about it and even show off my regained mobility and strength.

We are now currently rehabbing a recent ACL reconstruction (also from Muaythai) where I feel I am in the safest of hands.

Sarah and the team at MH Performance have gone beyond just fitness training through this process. Sarah and MH Performance has been a core support system emotionally and physically in this rehab journey for me. Forever grateful 🙂
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