Case Study – How Beth Lost 16kgs and Keeps it Off While Eating More Than Ever

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Case Study – How Beth Lost 16kgs and Keeps it Off While Eating More Than Ever

A lot of the females I work with have a history of following restrictive dieting regimes in an effort to get lean and lose weight. This was no different for my client Beth. She had previously followed a very restrictive body building diet which resulted in her getting really lean. However, this also created a very unhealthy relationship with food and training, a magnitude of health issues and ultimately ended up leading to weight gain.

The Vicious Starve – Binge – Starve cycle
She was training in the gym 5 times a week and following a very low calorie diet. She was probably eating around 1200 calories a day. Because of the restrictive nature of this regime when she came off the diet it resulted in a cycle of binging, trying to get back onto the plan, failing, and binging again.

Beth after her first 8 week bootcamp

Starving but gaining weight
When she approached me her goal was to improve her body composition as this cycle had placed her at the heaviest she has ever been at 70kg. Not only was she unhappy with her body composition but she was suffering from immense gut issues, a whole heap of hormonal issues, down-regulated metabolism and a really unhealthy relationship with training and food.

“I was miserable and didn’t have the answers to get myself back” – Beth

How we turned it around
My focuses with Beth were;
1. Change her mindset around nutrition and training, and give her relationship with food a complete overhaul
2. Irradiate her gut issues through identifying and eliminating food sensitivities and placing her on a specific gut protocol to heal her gut
3. Incrementally increase her calories to improve her hormonal and metabolic function
4. Set a training schedule that is feasible to her lifestyle, sustainable and enjoyable

Beth after 2 rounds of bootcamp

Beth’s training program
She joined my All Female Strength Camp which is an 8-week transformation program designed for women who want to develop a strong body and mindset, without feeling restricted, eating really low calorie and giving up all the things they love.
Beth did 3 rounds of this camp to get the amazing results she has. This was not just an 8-week program for her. She completed 6 months of it and continues to use the principles taught throughout the camp to sustain her results.

Beth’s new healthy way of life

Now 16kg down, she is eating more food than ever before, no gut issues, a healthy relationship with food, she can go out with friends and have a meal ‘off plan’ and not have it turn into a binge, she can have one or two pieces of chocolate and not be irradiated with guilt and she has got her love for training back.

“My relationship with food has never been better, and now at 54kg I am feeling strong, fit, healthy and happy” – Beth

Beth after 6 months of bootcamp
If you would like to find out more about the Female Strength Camp including the nutrition plans and coaching simply click the link below.
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Case Study – How Beth Lost 16kgs and Keeps it Off While Eating More Than Ever

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