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In-Depth Athlete Assessments For Sports Performance Optimisation

Unlock Your True Athletic Abilities and Achieve Unprecedented Success through Comprehensive Athlete Assessments, Personalized Training Programs, and Expert Coaching.

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Performance Optimization

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Overcome Performance Barriers with MH's Performance Assessments

Are you an athlete struggling to reach your full potential? Inconsistent performance, limited self-awareness, and communication gaps within your team hinder progress, hamper

Imagine the frustration of countless hours of training falling short during competitions or failing to meet personal goals. Without understanding strengths and weaknesses, athletes feel stuck, unable to overcome plateaus.

Introducing MH Performance assessments – a game-changer for maximizing athletic potential. Gain insights into abilities, behaviours and performance factors. With objective and subjective data, athletes develop self-awareness, identify areas for improvement, and achieve consistent peak performance while fostering effective teamwork.

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Enhance Your Athletic Performance with Our Comprehensive Assessments

As an athlete, you strive to reach your full potential and excel in your sport. Unlocking your true capabilities requires a deep understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This is where athlete assessments and sports performance testing come into play.
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Personalized  Programs

Tailor your training to address specific areas for improvement identified through assessments.

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Performance Optimization

Identify performance gaps and implement strategies to optimize your athletic abilities.

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Injury Prevention & Recovery

Assessments aid in identifying potential injury risks, enabling proactive prevention and faster recovery.

What our coaches and athletes say about us...


We are the WANL team within the West Coast Netball Region and Mandy has been working with our netball team as our S&C Coordinator.

Mandy and I first chatted in 2014 as I wanted to introduce some S&C training to our pre-season program to help develop our athletes. Mandy’s qualifications spoke for themselves but the most impressive aspects to Mandy over the last few years has been her enthusiasm and passion to develop fitter and stronger athletes. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable and is very approachable for everyone within our club and region. Mandy puts a lot of time and effort into monitoring our athletes weekly wellbeing through her load management tool which our girls fill in and send to her. As coaches this has been vital to our success over the last few years as we can track all our athletes well being during the week and be aware and monitor those that are sick and at injury risk which is a great asset for us.

As part of our pre season program Mandy screen tests all our athletes at the beginning and end of pre season. After the 1st screening tests she then builds specific and individualised programs for certain groups of athletes within our squads and supervises their weights sessions weekly. At the end of the program she tests them again to see improvement and nearly every year we see massive improvements with all athletes.

Having Mandy as our S&C coordinator is crucial to our success as a club. All of our athletes benefit dramatically from having her and her programs assisting their development.

Karly Guadagnin

The atmosphere in the gym is really fun and encouraging

I’m so glad I did another term at MH Performance this year and have really enjoyed attending my weekly classes with my friends from my Venetians netball team. I was keen to do another program after doing some earlier in the year and seeing if I could improve my fitness and some netball specific movements even further. As a result of the program, I can feel in myself that I have gained more leg strength, jump height and reaction speed which have all helped me have one of my best seasons playing netball.

The atmosphere in the gym is really fun and encouraging, not just for me, but for all the girls in my class, and I am really grateful to my instructor Sarah for all her advice and assistance over the course of the term. Big thanks also to Venetians who again.

Jess Ferraloro

Our proven science based, holistic training
methods create sustainable long term results

Over the past 10 years, by working with some of the worlds leading minds in health and fitness, we have created a method of coaching which helps women to overcome health issues that the conventional medical system is missing.

Achieve Peak Performance with MH Athletic Assessments

Uncover Your True Potential and Take Your Athletic Abilities to New Heights
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MHP specializes in bringing the best in health, wellness, performance, and body composition to female athletes, combat sports athletes, and those wanting to achieve a higher standard of living.