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& Become Mentally & Physically Stronger
With Our All Female Strength Camp!

“The Strength Camp for women who want to develop a strong body and a strong mindset whilst not giving up all the things they love.”

New Bonuses Added to the Strength Camp!

In addition to losing body fat, increasing strength, and improving your overall fitness and diet, here is what we have added to make this program the most specialized female group transformation program available in the state…

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We promise that over the 8 weeks, you will lose body fat, increase muscle tone, be more energetic, and have a heap of fun in the process!

This camp will challenge your beliefs around what you THOUGHT you knew about nutrition and training to help you take control of your health and fitness!
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Strength Training

We’re going to get the heart pumping, tone muscle, and shed fat. When you train with us, you’ll train more efficiently & effectively than ever before. We are going to help you fast track your results.

Gym Wangara Nutrition Bible 8 week program

Nutritional Coaching

Healthy bodies are made in the kitchen. When you join our strength camp, we take the confusion out of healthy eating. Meal guides are updated every fortnight along with education around flexible dieting!

Sleep Better, Eliminate Cravings and Increase Flexibility

Gym Wangara female strength 8 week training program

Motivation & Mindset

Losing weight is a science, keeping it off is psychology. I’ll be with you every step of the way to help you change habits and create sustainable change.

Improve Your Confidence & Be a Part of a Strong Female Community

Our Strength Camp is Designed Specifically to Shape and Tone the Female Body!
With NO Cardio, NO Cutting Carbs Out and
NO Reducing Calories to Dangerously Low Levels!

What Makes The Strength Camp Different?

Gym Wangara Bootcamp Program

Our Incredibly Supportive Community

We are a community of strong women who challenge, drive and motivate each other to achieve our goals. We keep each other accountable and celebrate each others successes in a comfortable, fun and non-threatening environment.

Gym Wangara Bootcamp

The Female Strength Camp Educates You

We run our training differently. We don’t just train you, we educate you. Our camp helps eliminates the confusion around dieting and training to help you get long term and lasting results! We show you how to lose fat without starving yourself and depriving yourself of the foods they love!


Start Achieving Your Goals and Join Us…

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What’s included in the Strength Camp?


Learn the EXACT strategies to get fit, have a healthier
relationship with food, build a body you’re proud of and

What Can You Expect When You Join The Female Strength Camp?

Gym Wangara 8 week female strength program


8 week female program Gym Wangara

“My relationship with food has never been better and I am eating more food than ever. I’m feeling strong, fit, healthy and happy

– Beth, one of our incredible campers!


"I have learnt how to have a positive relationship with food and most of all I have been able to overcome my anxiety which I never thought I would be able to do"
"Hi Mandy, I cannot thank you, Naomi and Lewis enough for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the bootcamp! I didn't think that I was going to see the results that I wanted, but seeing the comparison with these photos are AMAZING! My gut is definitely feel way better and I feel so much stronger! I can’t wait to continue my journey starting next week with Naomi at MH!
“Thank you guys! You guys have helped me turn my life around in such a short amount of time and I know this will be a lifetime change!
“Since starting this program I feel happier, more relaxed, working out is fun again and I can eat more carbs than I have in years! For me that is huge and of course, I saw results when it comes to bodyweight and feeling comfortable again but the mental side of it has been a life-changer for me as well! This became a really long email but felt that I wanted to share the great impact you have had on me in such a short period of time! Xo! Only love for you and your help!”
“Thank you sooo much for everything this has honestly been the best thing I have ever done for myself and I have never felt better!!! Thanks again”
MH Performance Gym Wangara Full Team

Who's Running The Strength Camp?

MH was founded in 2014 with huge success working in female weight loss, gut and hormonal health, athletic performance, and behavior change. Since 2014, our MH team client list has grown to include some of Australia’s top Social Media Influencers, WA’s top netball and combat sports athletes, and women with a long list of health issues who feel let down by the health and medical system. Our strength camp has helped HUNDREDS of women step into their best selves and overcome many issues they previously couldn’t get answers on.

Many women get stuck in a cycle of restricting their food intake, overtraining, not getting results, and restricting further. They feel like they have no control over their mind, body, or around food and consequently sacrifice their health and wellbeing in the process. At MH we take a holistic approach to our coaching, we educate all of our clients on the importance of nutrition, training, and behavior to allow them to not only get results but maintain them, without feeling restricted, overwhelmed, and frustrated. 

We take a ‘health first’ approach at MH. That is, if your body is healthy it will be much easier for you to lose weight, get toned, or build muscle. All whilst having energy, sleeping well, improving digestion and ability to tolerate different foods, reducing PMS symptoms, improving mental health, and overall being your best possible self.


Start Achieving Your Goals and Join Us…

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We Cannot Wait For You to Join Our 8 Week Female Strength Camp

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